About Me

My name is Justin Centeno but I go off my gaming name Logicism or LogicismTV. You can call me Logic which is what most people call me by my username. I am a 22 year old Filipino who is born and lives in the USA, specfically Los Angeles, to both Filipino immigrated parents from the Philippines. The name Logicism comes from my minecraft name which was originally for me to find an OG name that I liked, I happened to stumble upon Logicism as a username and I liked it so much that I made it my gaming name for the rest of my social media. I am currently a Content Creator, Graphic Designer, Programmer and I also enjoy playing Video Games casually and experimenting with technology. My previous gaming names were JustinTheKoolKid, and then ZeroDown. At those times, I wasn't good at making graphics not until I decided to start making my own when I changed my name to Logicism or LogicismTV. The other gaming name, LogicismTV, is my secondary gaming name if Logicism isn't available on specific platforms, such as Twitch or Epic Games.

Friend Codes / Usernames

You are more than welcome to add me on these platforms and I will accept your friend requests.

Steam: Logicism
Epic Games: LogicismTV
Xbox Live: LogicismTV
Playstation Network: LogicismTV
Mario Kart Wii CTGP: 0736-1493-1260
Nintendo Switch: SW-4468-2652-9305
Battle.net: Logicism#2299
Riot Games: Logicism#5599
Origin: LogicismTV
Discord: logicism

Other Links

My Gaming PC Build
My Sisters Gaming PC Build

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Fun Facts about myself

I can speak two languages fluently, or bilingual, in English and Tagalog.
I work as a freelancer for a trading card game website, ideal808.com