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Designs for Sale

Social Media Banner

I can create social media banners that can be basically used for mainly Discord, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. I design mainly anime and gaming banners with the users choice of color, font, background, logo and style.

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Personal Logo Design

I make designs for logos that match with their social media banner, which also includes the choice of color, font, background, and style. They are usually sold with the social media banner.

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Twitch Panels Design

I also sell with the logo and social media banner and the personal logo design, the twitch panels. They are going to be in 8 pictures and is going to have the same choices that the user may want too.

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What I have currently designed

I have worked with designing graphics for a few years and also have the experience of making some for other users with criticism added. I decided to take classes for Graphic Design in college. Those include basically making Advertisement Posters, Concert Posters and Tickets, Musuem Posters, Postcard Designs, Social Media Banners, Personal Logo Designs, Company Logo Designs, Typography Art, Magazine Designs, Twitch Overlays, Twitch Panels and Movie Posters. Those were all designed through my college classes and through my social media along with my friends requesting for designs. I am also learning as I go and I plan to expand my portfolio more as a Graphic Designer.

Freelance Work

I decided to start my freelance journey through Fiverr and Upwork. I sell all the above as a low starting price for about $10 minimum to $20 maximum. Mainly I plan on selling more later on as a freelancer such as advertisements, thumbnails for YouTube and overlays for Twitch. I mainly am an open person to users who order from me and I have unlimited revisions until the user feels satisfied with the product they ordered.