About Me

Find out all about me!

Who Am I?

My name is Justin Centeno and I go under the screen name Logicism usually. The screen name comes from Minecraft when I was deciding what name should I choose. I’m a Graphic Designer and a Programmer as a hobby and also experienced with a lot of technology. I have built my own computer and I am also experienced with Java coding, but I am also learning JavaScript and C#. I have made a Discord Bot so far and many different Minecraft Plugins. I am also a Filipino that can speak Bilingual Conversational Filipino and Fluent English. What I mainly do for hobbies is play video games, watch YouTube, listen to music, and sometimes draw.

YouTube Content

Back then, I had experience as a YouTuber mainly releasing content. Not only that I had experience as well learning how to edit my own videos and how to record them to post on YouTube. Not only that I took the time as a Graphic Designer as well making my own Channel Banners, Thumbnails and my own Personal Logo.

Twitch Content

Since I enjoyed playing video games, I wanted to as well live stream my content to others. I started originally as a YouTuber but then went on to live streaming video games, from playing Mario Kart, Minecraft to Beat Saber. I stream whenever I have the time and I sometimes plan when I want to stream with what game as well.


I have experience as a programmer for a few years. I usually like to program code in Java as a hobby and I usually do software to bots to Minecraft Plugins. I started around 2014 but I used mainly reading material to learn and to make the programs I plan to do. Although I have experience, I still have room for improvement and plan to do this still as a hobby.